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07 June 2009 @ 03:04 am
"Pond skater" - polyABC  
• Even though polyABC's lyrics are all in English, I'll be damned if I can understand them. This is just me typing up what's written in the CD booklet.

polyABC - Pond skater

I know she[1] here to stay
But I don't like the way
tell me I'm alright
Look at my hope
tell me I'm hunting
I take your pain away

selfish it escape from the cowboy

I know my hunter Hut
that makes no sense to me[2]

tell me I'm empty
Healing my ache
so traveling to the new sound I'll take you there

selfish it escape from the cowboy

If look around the sand
If look around the grass
Bit my Hip
Gloomy eye

selfish it escape from the cowboy

[1] Here, the booklet says I know her here to stay, but it doesn't sound that way to me.
[2] I took some liberties with this one as to what it sounds like, because in the booklet, the line reads that makes so No sens to me

I'll finish up the album later, it's 3:00 am and I should really try to sleep.