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nobody knows I'm Benedict Cumberbatch
10 April 2010 @ 03:34 pm
As requested by tearsofbird.

I don't speak Korean. So I have no idea if the way the lines are set up makes any sense.
Guide to Korean romanization/pronunciation. I highly recommend that you look at this, because romaja seems strange and unpronounceable if you don't understand how it's broken up.
→ The entire booklet for this album is written in the most ridiculously illegible font (for someone who hasn't grown up reading Hangeul), so I had to supplement this with lyrics I found on GasaZip that appeared to make sense and were the same (as far as I could tell) as the booklet, apart from one thing: although you can hear it in the song, the booklet leaves out 난 in 아직 살아있다고 난, but is included in the lyrics I found on GasaZip. The spaces between the words are a little bit different, too, but since I don't actually speak Korean, I stuck with the way it's done in the booklet.

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